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Originally Posted by RedHawk00 View Post
Just asking other commissioners out there, who are you using to host your websites?

Are they cheap?
Do they limit the bandwidth you use?
How do you handle the fees? pay all yourself, have league members contribute, something else?

I currently run my community off a dedicated server out of my home office on a business account. I wanted more physical control over the hardware and was sick and tired of webhosting excuses about why certain things weren't working and why they were taking so long to fix them. Your mileage may vary greatly with web hosting providers, but I like having total control of the machine, software, a business network with business UL/DL rates etc. I find things get fixed faster if I have to do the repairs myself rather than waiting for some customer service rep in Pakistan to find me the right tech person in Utah. Works for me, might not work for you.

IIRC the pricing is between $25-$50 depending how much bandwidth you wanted and extra bells and whistles.

As for paying for it, I think the monthly fees - if you go that way and contract with a service provider - are basically going to be you paying for them, if you want it to stay online. Members of your community are goodf for one time projects - sometimes more than once - in contributing $25 otr so, but it's not realistic to expect them to help pay for the service every month. I thin k you're on your own there.

Hope that helped.


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