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I'll take a moment to introduce you to my backroom staff.

You've met Kevin Sharp already. He's my Assistant Manager. He manages the team during friendly matches, and I have him set up our training routines (although I always tweak them, sometimes more than others). He played for a variety of Football League clubs, primarily Wigan, as a left back.

Michael Skubala does double duty, as our Director of Football and Chief Scout. At least, that's what he does today. I'm concerned that Michael might not be with us too much longer. Kettering Town, who play two levels above us, have offered him a job, and they can pay him.

I smiled when I saw that David Bentley was looking for a job as a coach. Bentley played for Arsenal, Blackburn, and Tottenham in the Premier League, and won seven caps for England. He hung up his boots at age 29, and here he is, volunteering to coach for us.

Chris Bruce-Smith is our Head of Youth Development. At age 46, he's the oldest member of our back room staff.

Head physio Charlotte Avent is the newest member of the team. She's good at physio things, especially for our level.
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