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Originally Posted by RainMaker View Post
Maybe we could copy the other countries that are vastly superior to us in this area?

Admittedly Im not up to speed on rural culture of european nations. Enlighten me please, how do they handle those situations? I know some countries have horrendous track records of species annihilation because they couldnt control, otherwise I dont know of a moderate solution.

Originally Posted by Hammer View Post
I appreciate how you feel CU Tiger. I can live with hurting your feelings if it saves lives. You are brain washed. You can't see that, but you are. Your culture has moulded your feelings into what they are now but that culture has to change for your country to move forward.

It might take 20 or 30 years to sort this out. Maybe it will need enough time for a generation to pass away and the new generation will more readily accept things as they are.

The generation before me thought drink driving was okay. They did it all the time before laws were passed then they probably did it less often! Smoking in public places was perfectly normal 20 years ago. It was a pleasure to many people. You walked into a pub and your clothes were smelling of smoke the next day. Now there is no smoking in public facilities. People disagreed, feelings got hurt. It happened anyway and it happened for the better. Times move on and things can change.

All that is fine and dandy. Call me names (brain-washed) make false comparisons, but you still didnt answer my question.

Remember this country was founded on different principles than your own and its people are free to leave and seek citizenship elsewhere. We were founded on the very tenant of resistance to a tyrannical government AT ANY COST. It is one of the core beliefs of an American. If you dont share that belief it is understood and you are not inhibited in any way from leaving (unlike many other counties)

Originally Posted by Fidatelo View Post
How many guns do you own? I feel like 1 simple hunting rifle should be adequate wildlife protection. If you own more, why?

I wont answer that question on a public forum. More than 1.
How many video games do you own? How many phones? TVs? Cars?
1 of each is certainly adequate for usage, right? Same answer for me.
Guns are tools. Different styles have different jobs. I dont use a screw driver to hammer a nail for hanging a picture.

Originally Posted by Kodos View Post
Because guns are the main tools little Tommy uses when he gets butthurt at school and decides to even the score.

And if little Tommy's parents allow this access then imprison them and charge them with the murders themselves. If you make the adults who should have bred in the first place accountable for the actions of their offspring they never parented maybe it would provide the motivation to make them care about Little Tommy' actions.

Originally Posted by Kodos View Post
People know that using cars carries with it an inherent level of danger. If they are like me, they take steps to limit the danger. I paid extra to get a car that has safety features like airbags, blind spot warnings, lane departure warnings, etc. I took reasonable steps to mitigate the danger. I take public transportation from the train station to New Haven. I drive about 3 miles to get to the station and ride 30 miles in to work.

Cars aren't used to intentionally kill innocents as often as guns are. This is just throwing mud in the water to stop the focus on guns. I can live with accidents easier than I can live with intentional mass murders.

But what about those other people. Who don't buy safe cars. Who don't pay for insurance or have a license. They KILL people daily. A quick googling showed that there were 11,000 gun related homicides in the US last year compared to 35,000 automotive deaths.

Cars are literally killing 3x as many innocent folks as guns, yet you dont care because CARS MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER AND BETTER.

Originally Posted by Logan View Post
People die in car "accidents", numbnuts. Trust me, the rest of us aren't trying to change gun laws because idiots like Plaxico Burress shoot themselves in the leg.

I think this is a main point of disagreement. We use the term accident and it makes it all ok. How many of those "accidents" are the result of careless or reckless operation. Operating at a speed above your skill level, not paying attention, looking at a phone, not checking your tires pre trip.ALl those things are categorized as accidents, when I maintain they all are preventable.

Originally Posted by RainMaker View Post
The primary use of cars is for transportation. They are rarely used as weapons and when people die, it's because of accidents.

With that said, cars are heavily regulated. We are constantly pushing new safety standards to automobile makers. We require people to pass tests to acquire a license to drive. We make laws for drivers to protect them such as wearing a seat belt, having children in proper seats, not driving under the influence, etc. When there are horrific incidences with cars, we almost immediately pass laws to fix them.

Also the argument that no one needs a car over a gun is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. If you gave a choice to people, the car would overwhelmingly win. You literally can't participate in modern society in many parts of the country without one. 70% of adults don't own a gun and manage to avoid being eaten by rabid coyotes.

I understand you like your toys. I don't even have a problem with people owning them. But lets drop the really stupid comparisons.

The primary use of cars in transportation. The primary use of guns is recreation and hunting. People mis-use both. People die from a mis-use of both.

Automakers and gun makers are both regulated heavily. We have lots of laws about who can own a gun, where they can carry it, how they can use it, etc. People still break those laws, just like they break driving laws.

"You literally cant participate in parts of society without a car"
Guess what you literally cant participate in parts of society without a gun. I havent bought meat n a grocery store in almost 10 years now. Im not alone, Im just by far the minority on FOFC. In my neighborhood, Im the norm. In your neighborhood you are the norm.
It gets back to the Electoral College argument in some ways...what more important the 1 Million people living in NYC or the 100,000 in the country.
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