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Year 1, Chapter11b- Sick Day
"Greenland is Ice, but Iceland is Nice"
-D2: The Mighty Ducks

I coughed, and sighed. This was not going to work. I was too sick to do my job today.

I dialed Katja.

"Good morning, Jeff!" I could almost hear Katja smiling through the phone.

"Its a morning, all right." I was less chipper.

"Feeling worse today?" she queried. There was concern in her voice.

"I am. I do not plan to come in today."

"Well, get better soon! Do not worry about the March reports...we can get to those later."

Thank goodness for that. I hung up the phone, and quickly drifted off to sleep. The grind would wait for now.

[END Year 1, Chapter 11b]

We will return next week, once, Jeff....feel better.
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