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-- Ed Upson is named in the League 2 Team of the Week

International Update

Paraguay crushes Honduras 5:1 over the two legs of the playoff between the last potential north and south american qualifiers.

In Europe Switzerland beats Poland, Greece crushes Slovakia, Slovenia over Belgium, and Serbia over Denmark.

The World Cup Draw looks like it'll be on December 4th.

November 23rd, 2013

Hereford(2-6-8, 22nd) @ Woking(7-4-5, 9th)

We're 4:6 home favorites against this poor team. Hereford is 7:2 on their end. This is our first meeting.

GK: Lynch
DEF: Nikolaou/Williams/Smith/Ogogo
MC: Upson/O'Sullivan
AM: Jesus/Downes
ST: Harsanyi/Pablo

I've never seen a formation like this one... 4-2-3-1, that's 2 DMC's, 3 AM's and a striker.

We're attacking today.

9': Pablo has the ball forward, plays it back to Upson, a great ball forward to Jesus, he strikes it near post... keeper BARELY gets to it and turns it away.

34': Cannot believe we haven't scored yet. 9 shots to 3, many blocked. They do get men back w/ their formation heh.

43': Harsanyi and Pablo play a nice give and go, Harsanyi gets into the penalty area and fires a shot... another super close fingertip save.

HALF: Frustrating. We have 13 shots, 5 on target, 6 blocked heh. They have 2 off target shots, not even close ones. We'll break though and win this I believe, but the potential disappointment is looming if we can't.

68': We control the ball seemingly forever in front of their penalty area, Upson eventually gets a ball through to Jesus who strikes it hard but its saved... we now have 19 shots, 8 on target, 8 blocked.

69': Upson to Harsanyi who shoots from just outside the area, its over.

71': Ademola in for Downes, Subotic in for Harsanyi. Downes is tired, and I'm tending to prefer subotic/pablo up front.

76': Foul just outside the penalty area on Hereford. We get a dangerous free kick... and Upson puts it well over.

78': Some buildup after a free kick, Nikolaou a cross... Subotic heads it over.

82': Jesus receives a pass on the left side of the area from Subotic, he fires a bending shot... "grazes the top of the bar"

Wow. So frustrating!

Woking 0 : 0 Hereford

We take 25 shots, they take 3. We put 9 on target and have 10 blocked. What else is there to say. Their keeper earns a 9.2 and a well earned man of the match.

On our side:

Ogogo (7.2), Nikolaou (7.1), Upson (7.3), Jesus (7.0).

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