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WW CXXVI: Wolves in Asgard - Game Over (Result in Post 2538)

There is trouble in Asgard. Its residents gather together, but they look out on a sea of strangers speaking with unfamiliar voices. You realize at once that this is Loki's work. You have the sinking feeling that he and other agents of Evil has infiltrated Asgard. It is up to the residents to determine who are those they can trust and who are those minions of Evil that must be put to death.

The basic structure of this game will be that of a typical werewolf game (vote for people to be lynched, wolves will do a night kill, usual victory conditions) with Norse mythology flavor and a combination of some less typical mechanics and divine abilities, though the roles will not have powers listed. Details are in the next post.

Minor note: Where mythology is more uncertain about an event or the strictest adherence to the truth would make the game less interesting, I may have altered some information slightly to improve game quality. Nothing will be outlandishly wrong (i.e. Thor will not be a painter), but there may be some simplifications made to improve the game play.

Rules that are somewhat different from most games:

Editing of posts: This is pretty unusual, but I will allow editing of posts if you do so within five minutes of your original post time. I don't feel you should be lynched for a silly typo or feel like you can't fix a simple error you made. For simplicity's sake though, after five minutes from the original post time, please don't edit your post, simply make a new one. One exception: please do not edit any posts with a vote in it.

Tiebreaker: If two or more players end up with the same number of votes, the player to be lynched will be randomly selected amongst those receiving the highest amount of votes. There is also a small chance that, in addition to this, another person at random will be lynched.

Nightfall: I will accept Nightfall votes. It needs to be unanimous, the wolves need to agree to it in private, and note that once you vote Nightfall, your vote for that day is locked and cannot be changed, so be completely sure of your vote if you choose to vote nightfall.

Conditional Orders: I will accept conditional orders. The latest submitted orders are the ones I will process for you.

Processing of Orders: In the event that multiple orders somehow conflict, the orders I receive earliest will take precedence (for example, someone who submits their final orders at 1pm vs. 4pm). The lynch is always the first action to be processed, the night kill is always the final action to be processed.

Rules that are mostly the same as other games (i.e. vets can probably just skim this section):

Deadline: 24 hr deadline is 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST and whatever European time it is for Narcizo (open to change if people want, that seems to be the standard these days though). Votes and night actions at 10:00pm EST and earlier count, votes and night actions at 10:01pm EST do not count. Conditional night action orders are fine if you can't be there at deadline.

Voting: Use a separate line and bold your vote, unvotes are fine, No Lynch is not an option.

e.g. JAG is clearly off his usual game. I am sure he is a wolf.

Vote JAG

Quoting private messages publicly: Don't do this.

Private messaging: If you have PM abilities, please include me on all messages.

Discussion of game: While the game is in progress, please do not privately discuss the game with anyone else still in the game (other than within the constraints of the rules of course, i.e. wolves are free to PM themselves).

Vanilla villagers: All vanilla villagers will receive the following PM:

You are a vanilla Norse Berserker.

Victory Conditions:

Odin and the forces of Good win if they eliminate all evil players.
Loki and the forces of Evil win if they can reach a 1:1 ratio of evil player to good player.

Special game concepts:

Vahalla: All vanilla Norse Berserkers who perish in battle (i.e. die in any way) have a chance to have their spirits go to Valhalla upon death. You do not know how they are chosen (if there is a prerequisite they must fulfill, if it is random, etc...).

Ragnarok: The specter of Ragnarok, the climactic battle between good and evil that will decide the fate of the world, hovers over all that happens this game. There is no guarantee that during the timeline of the game you will have to face it or what form it will take if you do, but you know being lynched or night-killed will lessen your influence on the final battle, should it occur.

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