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That was my 100th show so I get an extra point for my talents. Negotiating, Motivating, Creativity and Leadership. 1-10 ratings, and I started all 4 out at 5 (you get 20 points at the beginning to distribute).

From the help file:

  • Negotiating: A high score will lower worker’s tolerance during contract negotiations (meaning it is easier to get them to sign the deals you want) and also increase their patience (meaning they are less likely to walk out).
  • Motivating: A high score means that your natural ability to motivate your workers will see them work harder in the ring and therefore result in less “off nights” and generally better performances.
  • Creativity: A high score means that turns and gimmick changes that you trigger will be more likely to be a success.
  • Leadership: A high score means that you have a tighter control of your backstage area, which means there will be greater harmony and less negative backstage incidents.
Backstage has been at 100% for awhile, despite the new addition of "very negative influence" Lex Luger, so I don't need leadership. I don't do many gimmick changes or turns. I do see my fair share of off nights, but I think I'll put that point into Negotiating since that will help be get workers to work for less.
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