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Big Time Wrestling
Week 4, April 1989

Attendance: 1,000

(The Show Begins....)

Rick Rude had an interview hyping his upcoming singles match with Terry Taylor. (D)

Dean Malenko vs. Del Wilkes
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Dean Malenko defeated Del Wilkes in 9:44 by submission with a Texas Cloverleaf. During the match we also had Pegasus Kid distract Malenko. (D+)

Lex Luger vs. Steve Doll
In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Lex Luger defeated Steve Doll in 8:40 by submission with a Torture Rack. (D-)

Rick Martel comes to the ring and brags about how he caused Big Van Vader to lose his title last week. (C)
Doctor Claw helped Martel during this segment.

Rick Rude vs. Terry Taylor (Pacific Northwest TV Title)
In a bout that had a good crowd and good action, Rick Rude defeated Terry Taylor in 19:35 by pinfall with a Rude Awakening. Rick Rude makes defence number 1 of his NWA Pacific Northwest Television title. (C)

Final Rating: C-
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