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Big Time Wrestling
Week 2, May 1989

Attendance: 1,000

(The Show Begins...)

Ron Gavin vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Ron Garvin defeated 2 Cold Scorpio in 7:41 by pinfall with a Garvin Stomp. (D)

Brian Pillman comes to the ring and challenges Eddie Guerrero to a match for the middleweight title. (E)

Pegasus Kid vs. Diamond Dallas Page
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Pegasus Kid defeated Diamond Dallas Page in 12:03 by pinfall with a Dragon Suplex. (D)

Rick Martel has an interview in which he taunts Big Van Vader. (C)
Doctor Claw helped Martel during this segment.

Rick Rude vs. Lex Luger (Pacific Northwest TV Title)
In a bout that had a good crowd and good action, Lex Luger defeated Rick Rude in 19:10 by disqualification. (D+)
Lex Luger was visibly tiring toward the end.

Final Rating: D+

I tried to use the "Protect" booking note on Lex Luger to see if that would help him last longer in the match, but that didn't work.
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