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Big Time Wrestling
Week 1, August 1989

Attendance: 1,000

(The Show Begins...)

Ross and Baker Hype the upcoming match between Eddie Guerrero and Terry Taylor from the comfort of their announcers table. (D+)

2 Cold Scorpio vs. George Hines
In an extremely poor match, 2 Cold Scorpio defeated George Hines in 7:44 by pinfall with a Tumbleweed. (E-)

Brian Pillman vs. Lanny Poffo
In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Brian Pillman defeated Lanny Poffo in 13:48 by submission with a Crucifix Armbar. (D+)

Doctor Claw and Rick Martel gloat about beating Big Van Vader last week. (E-)
Rick Martel is developing better performance skills.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Terry Taylor (Pacific Northwest MW Title)
In a match that had some good action and average heat, Eddie Guerrero defeated Terry Taylor in 14:49 by pinfall with a Frog Splash. Eddie Guerrero makes defence number 5 of his NWA Pacific Northwest Middleweight title. (C-)

Final Rating: D+

That E- angle had Doctor Claw as the catalyst and Martel in support. Just one of the angles I'm using to try to improve Doctor Claw's popularity. Didn't expect a high rating, but didn't expect one that bad either.
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