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Big Time Wrestling
Week 3, August 1989

Attendance: 1,000

(The Show Begins...)

Scott Armstrong vs. Booker T
In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Scott Armstrong defeated Booker T in 8:28 by pinfall with a Missile Dropkick. (E)
Booker T is improving in Performance skills.

Terry Taylor vs. Stevie Ray
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Terry Taylor defeated Stevie Ray in 10:15 by pinfall with a Five Arm. (E+)
Stevie Ray seemed off his game tonight. Terry Taylor and Stevie Ray don't seem to click, and it made for an awkward bout. Stevie Ray is improving in Technical skills.

Doctor Claw, Rick Martel and Mark Callous walk to the ring and hype up the M.A.D. Organization. (D-)
Doctor Claw underperformed. Rick Martel came across well. Rick Martel is developing better performance skills. Mark Callous is learning to show more charisma. Mark Callous is developing better performance skills.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Shane Douglas (Pacific Northwest MW Title)
In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Eddie Guerrero defeated Shane Douglas in 16:48 by pinfall with a Frog Splash. Eddie Guerrero makes defence number 6 of his NWA Pacific Northwest Middleweight title. (C-)
Eddie Guerrero is improving in Rumble skills.

After the match, Eddie Guerrero adds insult to injury by continuing to attack Shane Douglas. After a few minutes of this, Dean Malenko runs down to the ring and saves Douglas. (D-)

Final Rating: D

Malenko's turn did not go down well according to the game.
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