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Originally Posted by Commo_Soldier View Post
Dola, Abe, any chance we could know if there was anyway the village could have won the 1v1 mechanic that final day or was our only shot at winning lynching Autumn?

I was rereading this just now, and noticed I had never answered this question, at the end of the thread. Sorry about that!

The 1v1 shot the Lightbringers had with the Servants was based on the nature of any roles they had. I created a weighted list of what roles would make weights, so as an example, the Sheriff or Adept were better than a vanilla or Martyr at winning a 1v1 confrontation, and certain wolf-Servant roles the same.

There were also items that would trump in a 1v1 situation as well, that I took into account. A vanilla with the right item could beat a powerful Servant of the Red Death.
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