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General Rules

One Deadline game, both day and night results processed at this time.

Deadline: 10 PM EST

No quoting from PM's. - violation will result in loss of ability for the remainder of the game (if you have a question if something can be shared, ask)

Be civil, game play is fine but no personal attacks please.


Please post votes (or unvotes) in a separate post of their own and in bold. This will make the vote count much easier. Failing to do so will result in the vote (or unvote) not being counted.

Tie votes - tie votes will result in a devious, yet unknown, result. If you want to find out what will happen, tie the vote... I dare you...

Time Travel

This game may travel forward or backwards in time. This means that "history" can change so you may never be completely out of the game until it is over. Some roles may have more powers in the future or the past.

Upon Death

A player's role and alignment will be revealed.

Please try to keep up with the game. This game will travel in time. You may be back in the game at any time depending on how the game flows.

Do not talk about the game with anyone, see above for the reason.

Role Distribution

Roles may be given to anyone on any side, they may even be given to more than one player.
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