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There are no good or bad roles, just roles. They may be given to any player.

Shifter - May shift the time of the game forward or backwards The entire details will be known only by the person(s) with this role.

Morpher - May morph into another player for a night. The number of times this may be used will be known only by the person(s) with this role.

Guardian - May guard over someone each night. If that person is attacked the guardian has a 50% chance of being killed in their place and a 50% chance of killing the attacker. May self guard one time but that will only block the attack, not kill the attacker.

Healer - May heal someone who was attacked. That player will have a 50% chance of returning to the game the following night.

Trickster - Will scan a random role whenever scanned.

Scanner - May scan someone each night to detect the player's role.

Politico - Can use their power of speech to talk the town into a different lynch result.

Killer - May kill a target at night.
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