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Added some details about how the werewolf part of the game will work.

Basic rundown:

Both games happen in tandem. The perspective will be that of the race being run and the results being shown each day to the players. The werewolf part will be an attempt to "steal" winnings from others.

A player may post unless they have been removed from the werewolf part of the game and their team has been eliminated from the race.

A player may be removed from the werewolf for bogus reasons ("fake news"). If it is revealed that they were removed for that reason they will return to the game.

Everyone has a skeleton in their closet. If that is revealed, either through wolf research or daily "lynch vote", the player will be removed from the werewolf part of the game and forfeit their "winnings".

Going to try to explain this better as we get closer. The idea is for there to be two distinct games going on at once.
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