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European Club Rankings

-- We move up 5 more places on the European Club rankings list, landing in 10th position with 127.915 coefficient points. Manchester United retain first place on the club coefficient list, Barcelona are in second and last year’s Champions League winners Olympique Lyonnais are in third. We’ll continue to climb on this list for one more year, as we still have “counting” co-efficient scores from the 2020/21 season, when we didn’t play in Europe.

Transfer OUT

-- Hans Briers agrees to a contract with Deportivo in Spain and finishes off a 500,000 transfer deal. Briers arrived at the club on a free in 2022, spent a year with our U18s then spent two years on loan in the Championship, one year with Coventry and another with Hull. He never suited up for our senior team and won’t be missed.

Transfer Market Fun

-- Chelsea offer us 12,000,000 for Emmerson Harvey. Wow - I counter offer, asking for 17,000,000 up front, another 10,000,000 in monthly payments over a two year period and a big sell on fee. I want them to say no, of course and they do just that. Harvey is upset and wants a new contract and I turn that request down too. We have a chat and all is well.

-- We’ve got a couple buns in the oven right now and have a deal locked up with a young Mexican striker that requires a work permit. Hopefully, he turns out as good as our other Mexican find, Alberto Velazquez. We also have another deal accepted, pending contract approval, on a young centre half back I’ve chased for two years. He wouldn’t qualify for our U18s, as he’ll be turning 19 in early July but he’s worth picking up.

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