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November 11th, 2018

1860 München (10th, 4-4-3, 16pt) at Leverkusen (11th, 5-1-5, 16pt)

Starting Lineup
GK Vlachodimos
DL Makonda
DC Kirchhoff
DC Touré
DR Con
DM Stark
DM Wannenwetsch
AML Carlos
AMC Bouy
AMR Clancy
ST Dimitrijevic

In the 31st minute, a loose ball in their end. Clancy and a defender race for it. Clancy loses the race, but their defender hits it a bit too hard and Clancy grabs it, runs it to the net and buries a shot in the corner of the net.

I then get 2 yellow cards over the next minute of play.

In the 49th minute, a shot by Dimitrijevic is blocked, it bounces out to Stark who gives it to Carlos who puts it in the corner of the net to give us a 2 goal lead.

In the 68th minute, they cross it in and score off a strong header. Vlachodimos got a hand on it, sends it wide, but it catches the post and bounces in.

In the 73rd minute, Rgouljic gives it to Dimitrijevic, one on one with the GK, but the shot is weak and the GK sends it just wide.

In the 75th minute, Con sends in a cross, a shot by Roguljic is blocked by a defender. Roguljic gets the rebound and drills a shot...just wide. Ugh. 2 wasted chances that could have put the game away in the last 3 minutes.

In the 84th minute, a fast break. Dimitrijevic gives it to Carlos whose shot is blocked and sent wide.

1860 München 2 - 1 Leverkusen
13 - Shots - 21
6 - On Target - 5
5 - Clear Cut Chances - 0
1 - Half Chances - 7
15 - Fouls - 6
2 - Yellow Cards - 1
53% - Poss - 47%

POM: Juan Carlos (1 Goal)

Player Performances
GK Vlachodimos 6.8 , DL Makonda 6.5 (YC) , DC Kirchhoff 6.9 , DC Touré 7.1 , DR Con 7.3 , DM Stark 7.2 (YC) , DM Wannenwetsch 6.9 , AML Carlos 7.6 , AMC Bouy 6.7 (off 62) , AMC Roguljic 6.9 , AMR Clancy 7.6 , ST Dimitrijevic 6.8

Goals: Clancy, Carlos
Assists: Stark
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