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January 26th, 2019

Dortmund (6th, 8-4-5, 28pt) at 1860 München (12th, 5-6-6, 21pt)

Hurts not having Dimitrijevic for this one. Makonda is at the YC limit so he's suspended for this game.

Starting Lineup
GK Vlachodimos
DL Grasso
DC Moncelli
DC Touré
DR Con
DM Stark
DM Daniel
AML Carlos
AMC Bouy
AMR Clancy
ST Karnib

In the 12th minute, Karnib receives a cross but puts it off the post. He can't miss those!

In the 22nd minute, they get a goal off a corner. Officially scored an own goal by Vlachodimos.

In the 29th minute, Carlos had a great chance off a pass from Karnib, but the pass is a little slow and the shot a little soft allowing the GK to get to in position in time.

In the 37th minute, they take a 2 goal lead on a nice pass to a player running to the goal. My defenders were caught all paying attention to the player with the ball and lost the other player allowing him to get a free run.

In the 40th minute, a lob pass to a player in the box, he heads it over Vlachodimos and their player buries it (without needing to, it was going in anyway).

At half time, they had 2 CCCs and 2 HCs, I had 2 CCCs and 1 HC. They are scoring on their chances and he are blowing ours.

In the 72nd minute, Juan Carlos puts a cross in the net. Clancy delivered probably the best cross I've seen one of my players make. He put that in a perfect spot for Carlos.

In the 90th minute, they add insult to injury with a 4th goal.

Dortmund 4 - 1 1860 München
19 - Shots - 11
8 - On Target - 4
2 - Clear Cut Chances - 3
6 - Half Chances - 1
2 - Fouls - 15
0 - Yellow Cards - 2
55% - Poss. - 45%

Player Performances
GK Vlachodimos 6.6 , DL Grasso 6.2 , DC Moncelli 6.4 (off 61) , DC Higor 6.3 (on 61) , DC Touré 6.4 , DR Con 6.5 (off 61) , DR Roberto 6.7 (on 61) , DM Stark 6.7 , DM Daniel 6.7 (YC) , AML Carlos 7.1 (YC) , AMC Bouy 6.1 , AMR Clancy 6.8 , ST Karnib 6.4

Goals: Carlos
Assists: Clancy
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