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That win comes at the cost of Bouy missing another game. He will be out 4-5 days.

We are on a bit of a roll now. I switch to using my Wall tactic before the Dortmund game and have been using it exclusively so far. Dortmund scored 4 goals, but it's Dortmund. The rest of the teams, except for Hertha, were all much better as well but I did a good job holding them in check. A win against Nürnberg and a tie against Wolfsburg, two teams with rosters greatly superior to my own, were great results. (Even if that tie was total BS).

I think I was asking too much of my team with my Counter and Attack tactics. Matches don't record the tactics used in the match reports (at least, if it does, I haven't found it) so I can't go back and see how they did in previous matches.

With both Counter and Attack, I was asking my players to "Pass Into Space", "Be More Expressive", and sometimes "Roam From Position". Against 2nd division teams, usually, tactics like that were fine. Against Bundesliga, nope. I think tactics telling my players to stick to positions and not get creative with passing is the way to go for now. At least until I field a team full of players with 16+ in passing, technique, anticipation, decisions, creativity...
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