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I've been a proponent of meditation for a long time. I've used it to fall asleep without knowing that's what I was really doing. I've used it to prepare for sports in high school and for big job interviews. All with success. Until recently I decided that I wanted to try something more formal and see what my results will be. So I downloaded an app called Insight Timer and finally tried it out today.

I got through 20 minutes pretty easily. An hour seems like a lot, no idea how you do 10 in one day or even 2. That is hard core. Wow.

omg, i love that app! When I started "practicing", that's the app I used. I went 250 days straight with at least 5 minutes of mediation. The break was, ironically, when I mediated for 10 hours a day. They took away our phones (well, they forgot mine, but I didn't use it), so there was a gap of 10 days. 10 days where I meditated for at least 100 hours.

Damn, that's insane to read. 100 hours of mediation brings you into the real world buzzing. No, for real. That's how I felt. I guess sort of like a very light, mild alcohol buzz, but I felt so many sensations on my body. I didn't feel anger, sadness, overwhelming hapiness... it just.... was. It's so hard to explain. I really need to practice again, I miss feeling that. I'm letting too many things affect me right now.
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