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Originally Posted by Kodos View Post
Yep. So many big plays. Our TD return on the opening play of the game. My long TD to end the first half that put us up 28-14. Our fumble when we were trying to make it a 2-score game again following your quick TD to open the second half. Your kick return TD that was called back. Your goal line stand and subsequent drive for the go-ahead field goal in the fourth quarter. Our last gasp pass that came up 12 yards short of the winning TD. We had so many breaks, but you played a better game than us. Congratulations, buddy. You kindof have our number, unfortunately.

That TD to end the 1st half made me so damn mad.. The first drive of the second half was all rage from giving up the easy 7.

The whole second half on defense we'd make a couple decent plays and I kept thinking "I got him now" and then any time I felt I had that advantage you kept coming up with the one thing I forgot to account for and kept moving the chains. I was stunned at the fumble and the goal line stand. Thought they were gonna call that 4th down run a TD though.. If the RB had the ball in his left hand he would have gotten in but somehow the ball never broke the plane I guess.. Breaks seemed to go your way in the first half and my way in the second.

What makes this league so fun is the way we all seem to have pretty different and distinct styles but we all seem to match up really well still and it makes for some really outstanding (and stressful) games. Once Gramm's team catches up talent wise it will be even harder and more exciting/stressful.

Stoked for next season.
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