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Here's the view of Downtown Churchill all the way from the rural oil patch town of Byrnside.

The city feels more like a real city now with the core downtown area and then residential and other industries on the outside. It also feels like it befits its size now because before with all of those skyscrapers it felt WAY larger than a city of its actual size in my mind.

I've been mostly spending my time lately tinkering with transit and building new communities in the hills that can generate income via oil, ore and agriculture since we have those deposits in the city. It's helped me relieve the tax burden in certain areas.

The high rise elimination in all but downtown and one other area initially decreased population by about 20k but we're now over 200k in Churchill proper and that's about 30k more than we were when I began making changes, so the changes to the commercial districts that I have yet to rebuild hasn't negatively impacted the city.

I'm building a lot of the outer ring cities at the moment, while also going into the interior to prune a bit. There was no subway access in some towns that I think would make good commuter cities, so I've begun fixing that and traffic snarls are down dramatically across the city thanks to the investment in mass transit.
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