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Capped stadium attendance


My stadium attendance seems to be capped at more or less 10%. My team is dead last in league attendance and this is a trend that has been the case since I created my single player league (30 years of history). For instance last year the attendance in my stadium was 4500 out of a capacity of 53k. The second-to-last team is sitting at 30% attendance.

In terms of tickets prices I fall in the middle of the pack (17 out of 32). I usually let the IA handle the prices and I never had problems except this time I just got fired (the year I reached the conference championship for the second time in team history! *facepalm*).

Also there is a weird bug where I can't make stadium renovation plans ever. The current year in league history is 1983 and on the ticket prices and stadium information page it says "plan to move team to Las Vegas in 2020 has been accepted".

How can I increase my stadium attendance ?


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