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Originally Posted by DaddyTorgo View Post
Back from work. Busy day.

I dunno hoops - figured I'd throw a D1 vote on you based on gut I guess...but the %'s are that you're a useful villager, so maybe that's not the best play ever. I also think you've been getting lynched early lately and that's unfortunate.

But it did get people talking and putting up other candidates...


Originally Posted by Danny View Post
Looks like a definite run off between EF and Autumn. Probably too late to get a third candidate involved (as I said, Im not voting Hoops). Out of the two choices, I feel more comfortable lynching EagleFan at this point.

I find this sequense interesting. DT unvotes Hoops to drop him down to 2 votes, then 10 minutes later Danny says it is a definite run off between EF and Autumn, even though Hoops is only one back. I realize Danny said he won't vote Hoops, but interesting that he is trying to pass it off like Hoops isn't a candidate.
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