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Thread necromancy time I guess.

I don't think I've said much about this on the board previously but basically since Christmas we've had a persistent health problem with Will. Long story short, he had a flu-like bug right around the holidays but never really seemed to snap back from them. Most of January & February he was lethargic, daily complaints of chronic pain (my arms/legs hurt), to the point of missing an entire week of school last month. Doctors x2, no clue. Nearly 50 different blood tests -- looking for signs of things like leukemia, lupus, anemia, etc - nothing really out of the ordinary, low end of normal for iron & Vit B but that was about it. Took a long look at whether it might be psychological/emotional, really nothing serious enough to attribute this level of complaint to.

Meanwhile, he's miserable & we know it's for real: if my kid hits the door & goes to bed at 4pm, feels too bad to even touch his 360 for a week ... something ain't right.

Got a phone call from the doctor today, looks like they've pinpointed a very likely cause: severe Vitamin D deficiency. Doc says it's definitely enough to cause the symptoms, prescribed an 8-week "mega-dose" of D (and 1 hr of sunlight a day when possible) with a recheck at the end of that, likely a daily supplement to follow.

Too soon to say for sure of course, but if indeed this is the source of the problem, it's a heck of a lot better than a lot of the candidates previously considered & that's a great relief. And then we get to spend the rest of our lives worrying about how D deficiency is sometimes a mid/long range precursor to a cancer diagnosis. Parenting sure is fun, huh?
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