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Official Strava/Runkeeper Thread

Seems like a fair number of folks are using Strava or Runkeeper to track their workouts. Both are great apps (and web sites), but they also do a great job of going beyond standard tracking and logging by adding a great social component. Friending other athletes enables you to see their workouts, but it also enables you to comment on workouts and milestones and goals and encourage each other. Additionally, you can set up challenges between individuals and groups to help ramp up the motivation. For instance, we could set up a FOFC Team A and FOFC Team B group and see which team runs the most miles during X week. Or we could have an individual challenges. Or no challenges!

Anyway, the more the merrier in my opinion. I am already friends with a few FOFC folks, so if you are interested, add on here. Maybe no one is, and that's cool, too. Just thought I would check.

Anyway, I am Chris Shue on RunKeeper and Strava.

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