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Good idea.

Runkeeper: icarri

Btw, i started to use today Ismoothrun ($5) and it's a really nice app for running.

It has all that runkeeper does, even posts to your runkeeper account if you set it up, but it has way better tools to create your own routines, series, etc.

I find it really good to motivate yourself if you setup the audio cues, besides of just distance, speed etc every X distance or minutes as runkeeper does, it also can tell you if you are running too fast or too slow to reach the time you have setup for that distance, or if you are using a hrm, will tell you if you are over or under your target hear rate zone. It also tells you how many seconds you are ahead or behind the setup time for the distance, and you can even setup a metronome to help with your rhythm.

You can also setup a race against yourself with the ghost mode (takes in account the time you used for that same route).

It helped me a lot today on my goal to lower my average time in the 6k, as it was pushing me with the audio cues when i lowered my pace and when i was told i was 25 seconds under the time i had set for those 6km, it motivated me to keep the pace and even accelerate.

The stats are also more deep, like your average distance per step, and even some fun stuff like telling you which song where you listening when you did your best mile/km.

The export to runkeeper feature worked perfectly, the activity i did this morning is now visible with all details, route and stats in the runkeeper website.

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