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Jan 28, 2014

At this point, as a new day arrives, I should probably let you in on what I'm thinking about the season ahead.

It's 40 days until the regular season begins, and it isn't an easy schedule. 45 games, 5 against each of the other 9 teams in K-Challenge. The fixture list is basically Sat + Wed matches most weeks between mid-March and the end of November. Of course that doesn't include the various Cup matches and any other what not.

I really envision, at this point at least, a very rotation oriented roster. Not from squad to squad perhaps but more of a rolling lineup based on fitness & availability. Projected starters, as of today, in bold

There are currently 3 clear standouts here
DR/DC Rim Chang-Woo, 4.0 star loanee
MC Kim Jong-Gook, 4.0 star with 24 matches for us
DC/DR/DL Yoon Weon-II, 4.0 with 34 matches for us

Then come 5 players that look like obvious starters
ST Lee Dong-Hyun, 3.5 star with 52 matches
MC Hwang Jin-San, 3.5 star with 80 matches
DMC/MC Kim Tae-Yeon, 3.5 star with 185 matches, captain
DC/DL Lee Jung-Yeol, 3.5 star with 93 matches
DC/DR/DMC Kim Young-Bin, 3.5 star with 64 matches

Then come 7 players that seem capable or starting or playing regularly
DC/DMC/MC Ahn Young-Gyu, 3.0 star with 14 matches
DC/DR Park Tae-Su, 3.0 star with 17 matches
MC Ji Kyeong-Duk, 3.0 star with 51 matches
GK Kim Sun-Kyu, 3.0 star with 57 matches
MC Kim Sung-Soo, 2.5 star with 11 matches
MC Kim Pyung-Jin, 2.5 star with 2 matches
AMC/MC Hwang Myung-gyu, 2.5 star with 28 matches

Then comes the rest of the senior squad
ST/AMC Seo Myung-Won, 2.0 star (4.5 potential) with 0 matches
MC Kwon Soon-Gyu, 2.0 star with 0 matches
ST Lee Kook-Ho, 2.0 star with 0 matches
DC Kim Dong-Hyeok, 2.0 star with 0 matches
MR Kim Min-Joong, 2.0 star with 0 matches
MC/DMC/DR Lee Kwang-Jin, 2.0 star (4.0 potential) with 17 matches
DC Jeong Hwuy, 2.0 star with 0 matches
MC/DMC/DC Jeong Seok-Min, 2.0 star with 36 matches
GK Park Joo-Woon, 1.0 star with 0 matches

To my eye, the most obvious need is probably at GK and another solid ST, in addition to acquiring/developing players comfortable playing a true ML/MR wide midfield role.

Problem is, or among the problems anyway, that we're very tight on payroll budget, only enough room to add a low/mid level player right now. I'm hopeful that we can move at least a few players that are surplus to requirements, free up some space for at least one upgrade.

There's not a ton of help likely from the Reserve squad as it currently stands.
6 players rated 2.0 stars for current ability
6 players rated 1.5 stars for current ability
2 1.0 star current, 4 0.5 star current, 3 0.0 star current
No player with potential rated above 2.5 star

The players we have out on loan at the moment are certainly an issue.
All 6 are serving their compulsory military committment, 5 at Police and 1 at Sangju. Half are 3.0 star current, half are 2.5 star current, all would either star or see significant action. A bigger issue is that we're paying 100% of their salaries, some $8,600/wk, which is more than 20% of our current spending on players.
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