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Sun Mar 1, 2014
A friendly at lower division side Yongin City today.

Right on cue, we get embarrassed, losing 2-0. New keeper Se-Joon was bad (6.2), several players were in the 6.2 - 6.4 range and today it was nobody really doing anything particularly well. Maybe it'll be a wakeup call but I'm not sure.

Sun Mar 2, 2014
Our U18s played their first friendly, drawing our Reserves 0-0. 16 y/o DL Kang Sang-Gi was PotM in a quiet affair. The match was not without incident however as 15 y/o DC Won Jin-Ho suffered broken ribs in a collision with Jang Soo-Min and will miss 4-5 weeks. Lackluster reserve DC Jeong Hwuy sprained his ankle after falling awkwardly, he's out 5-7 weeks.

We bring on board 24 y/o DC Ha In-Ho for a trial.
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