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Thu Mar 20, 2014
Physio Rochstein reports that ST Seo Myung-Won injured his elbow in a fall during the match against Daegu. He'll be out 2 weeks.

Sat Mar 22, 2014
Daejeon (1-1-0, 3rd) vs Chungju Hummel (0-2-0, 7th)
Back home against one of the more interestingly named clubs in the K-League. Hummel is the Danish sportswear company that has sponsored the team since it's inception in 1999. In that time they have had no less than 5 names and 3 homes: Hummel Korea, Uijeongbu Hummel, Icheon Hummel, Nowon Hummel and, since 2010, Chungju Hummel

We'll go 4-4-2 Standard to open, with quite a few different faces in the lineup today due to fitness concerns

Lee Dong-Hyun slips behind the defense 50' ... 1-0
Near carbon copy goal ties it 66' ... 1-1

Full time: Daejeong 1 - Chungju 1

Another one that sort of feels like it got away. Despite the fact that we were outshot 11-4.

ST Lee Dong-Hyun 1g 7.2, GK Kim Sun-Kyu 7.0, DL Lee Jung-Youl 6.8
ST Kim Seong-Min 6.4, ML Kim Pyung-Jin 6.4, MR Kim Min-Joong 6.5
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