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Wed Apr 9, 2014
Daejeon (2-3-1, 5th) vs Police (3-2-1, 3rd)
The surprise package of K-Challenge thus far -- pre-season odds against them were 5000:1 -- Ansan Police are a club comprised of mostly loaned players serving their compulsory military service. We've certainly given our all for the good of the nation, they have five of our players on the roster (over 20% of our total wage spending). They're also one of the oldest clubs in the nation, founded in 1961.

We'll go 4-4-2 Control to open

We let 'em get away from us for an easy goal 13' 0-1
Long ball downfield, our keeper is caught too far out 31' 0-2
They move around us like we aren't even there 33' 0-3
We foul in the box, they bury the PK 49' 0-4
Lee Dong-Hyun misses an empty net 76'

Full time: Police 4 - Daejeon 0

Manhandle by the most skilled team I've seen yet, we'll be seeing one touch passes in our sleep for days. We looked like small children playing grown men, too small, too slow, too clumsy, too everything. They're like a super team or something.

You're kidding, right? Our only player above 6.4 was sub Kim Sung-Soo (6.6)
DL Park Sun-Joo 5.4, DC Yoon Weon-II 5.7, DR Rim Chang-Woo 5.9
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