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Originally Posted by tarcone View Post
True, but those countries were built on a system of keeping the people in their place. The rich owned all the land and had serfs run it.
The kigs appointed the lords.
And the peasants were at the will of those above them.

This country was built be people who ran away from those systems. We dont have that inherent built in "we are peasants, we have always been peasants" mentality.
Our country has been built on "work hard and you can be what you want to be"

It has only been recently that other countries have done this. Not the 250 years of our country.

I did not realize that the US sprung ex nihilio and didn't have a colonial history prior to the War for Independence. I mean, Hell, it wasn't until the mid-1850s when non land owning white men in every state could vote. I wonder where the notions of only land owning white men should decide things came from?
"A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages"
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