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My frustration is you have a problem that is out of control yet despite looking at other countries that don't have the problem many won't take the cue. That pisses me off quite frankly. Brained washed by their own culture.

Nationalism is installed in us to try to control us in my opinion.

I think we may have different definitions of nationalism. To me, you are being nationalist.

You are promoting the culture of your country, which you had no input in creating, no impact on the laws and really, no choice in being raised there. Yet, you are speaking from a mighty high perch down on us, that “all” we need to do totally change our culture and be more like you. To me, that’s like saying, “It’s obvious if Africans stop having sex AIDS will go away”.

Sorry to be so harsh. Of course if things were better, things would be better. They are not, and unlike where you live, we have a traumatic epidemic on our hands that we all desperately want to stop.

To not be nationalist would for you to see this a humanity problem and not just an American one with an easy fix.
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