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It really depends how much the #### number of people getting shot every year bothers you.

I don't mean to come across as a know it all or anti U.S. You guys do a lot of things better than us and we can learn from you. But you are really struggling with this one as it is so ingrained in your culture.

You take the guns away from law abiding citizens. Damn right. You take away the hunting rifles. It won't cause anyone to starve to death.

To an American it might sound extreme. To me it is common sense and normal. Just the way it is. If there are no guns nobody gets shot.

Sure in a perfect utopian world. The reality is criminals will find a way to get weapons.

Let's say the US starts with getting rid of guns in the hands of criminals first. Then make sure mentally unstable folks don't have guns.

After 1 year of no murders by criminals or mentally unstable, then let's have the conversation about taking away weapons from law abiding citizens. Wouldn't this be a reasonable sequencing of events?

The problem is not primarily, mentally stable, law abiding citizens.
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