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1 Jan, 1616 – DIP TECH 18 – I get +0.5 naval morale and we can build the Galiot ship.

11 Jan – Improvements in lens making happen in our place, so we get some bonus cash and power, and then Glass increases in value on the market

1 Feb - The Age of Reformation has ended and that of Absolutism has begun.

The following goals are for this age. I am leaving out any I can’t get.

1. Have an army forcelimit of more than 200 – check
2. Found 3 trade companies. We have one
3. Own at least 5 universities. We have two.
4. Have an Absolutism rating of at least 90
5. Multicultural nation – Have at least 5 promoted cultures. We have 3

The more of these we do, the faster our splendor rating rises and the faster we can get Age-only bonuses.

9 April – We slay the natives in Buru

1 July – Another religious uprising in Roma occurs.

26 July – Defeated

7 Nov – It happppppppeennnned

This has never happened in my many playthroughs of EU (or CK for that matter)

I have never taken Rome and then made it Muslim!


I order a University here. And in Napoli and Firenze Garnatah and Isbiliya

1 Dec – In Xhosa we find it is good for Gems
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