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1 April, 1617 – I purchase The Maldives from Vijayanagar, in the Indian Ocean for 1931

Maldives- 7 dev, coastal, Gems, Hindu, Malayam, I order a missionary here.

1 June – We claim Verona from Venice

4 Aug – I pull colonists from Manado and send them to the next colony in northern Sulawesi - Gorontalo

1 Oct – ADMIN TECH 18

I get another set of Ideas!

Dip? If I took MIL I could get two ideas right now.

Naval Ideas?

I do Dip Ideas

4 Dec – I kill the natives Gorontalo

1 Feb, 1618 – Most of the coalition folks are peeling away.

I send a missionary to Siena

1 Mar – Tobacco in Roanoke

1 April – MIL TECH 18 – We can get better cavalry, which I update, as well as my cannon, and then we get some better combat width.

1 Aug – We get our first DIP Idea and we get another Diplomat

2 Oct –

Manado – Spices, 10 dev, Sunni, Andalusian, north Sulawesi, 0.80 made here, and I order up a workshop
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