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Seeing as there is a large discussion about who/why to vote into the leadership position, I will explain my personal rationalization. I may be over analyzing this, but as I said when I signed up, I'm new to this.

Zinto - A CEO is sent to colonize Mars? I have to assume you weren't a successful CEO or you wouldn't have abandoned your company or the Earth for that matter. So if that is true, I have to rule you out as leader of the colony.

Thomkal - Retired Military. While some former military members have made for excellent leaders on Earth, our small colony on Mars should not need your area of expertise. Definitely a viable candidate.

Fontisian - History Professor. Not really the career I think of for a leadership role. However, the background in history may help to prevent mistakes made by colonists in a similar situation back on Earth. Another viable candidate.

CrimsonFox - Auto Mechanic. No leadership experience on Earth, probably not the background I would look at to lead on Mars.

DanGarion - Motivational Speaker? - Not really certain what his past experience on Earth was, but could have a positive impact as leader. Just need more information to make an informed decision.

I retired a few years ago. This expedition was a perfect opportunity for me to experience something amazing during my retirement years
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