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Here is the draft...

1.1 - T Bryan Clemons, Albany
1.5 - CB Bernard Delgado, Indiana
1.28 - DE Carlton Givens, Miss. Valley State
2.2 - QB Juan Pientka, Iowa
3.1 - WR JC LeCroy, NC State
3.5 - WR Darrin Caldwell, Duke
3.9 - G Matthew Witt, GA Tech
4.2 - RB Derek Lawless, Boston College
4.7 - S Lee Kinney, Washington
4.8 - MLB Eric Haslett, Arkansas
4.18 - DT Rufus Jefferson, Iowa State
5.1 - C Marcus Hutchins, Clemson
5.2 - DT Kyle Kovacs, UTEP
5.4 - G Jake Seignious, Georgia
5.7 - S Andy Hammond, North Carolina
5.13 - CB Emmit Spencer, Pittsburgh
6.1 - T Clay Caudill, Alabama A&M
6.2 - OLB Lewis Sharber, Kansas
6.7 - OLB Todd Sweeney, Eastern Washington
6.13 - WR Stephen Chapman, Northwestern

And that's the draft...

Clemons will be a stud and I expect everyone to be picking him #1. 1.2-1.4 was a run on QB's so I had to settle for Pientka in the 2nd round, but he already knows 12 formations, which is important for me. Late round picks I'm excited about are G Jake Seignious, OLB Lewis Sharber, and T Clay Caudill.

Now to furiously sign some UFDA's
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