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Okay, so on to the recorded season 2.

Win #2, the third week of season 2, sees us beat Detroit 10-9. We were both 0-2 going in, they were 6 point favorites. A bomb to Reeves is the game winner, early in the 3rd quarter, and we hang on to finish it out.

Week 7 our first serious injury, in a position I screwed up on in my cuts. WR goes down with rep concussion syndrome, prolly totally gone to us til 2011 or 2012. Had to convert a CB that had been sitting around on inactive. He's crap, but he'll do.

Win 3 comes week 9 in season 2. 16-7 over Atlanta, a 3-4 team coming in. The running game and the defense carried us, with the killer B twosome getting almost 140 yards on the ground. 4 picks sealed it.

Back to back wins, yay! win 4 comes in season 2 week 10. 34-31 over Philly. McM and Bucky run wild, McG and Reeves are solid, and DE Brody goes nuts with 2.5 sacks.

Week 12 in season 2 sees our 5th win, a 19-0 shutout over Oakland. McM runs wild, and we get 3 picks and a solid day from McG to finish things up.

We are favored for the first time ever, by 3 over KC. We beat them 24-13 for our 6th win, week 14 of season 2. Running is the theme again, with McM getting 2 tds and 121 yards, and McG being VERY effecient.

This team is obviously better running the ball.

No awards for us this time around. Reeves grabs 70 for 1000, and McM goes over 1400 yards, but nothing. D guys were not as good either, singularly.

Looking at players, Bryan Clemons, our first ever pick, is now 94/94 and close to totally full red bars. Bo Granados, our stud CB is 78/78 with real nice red bars where it counts for CBs. McM is now 57/57 with good red bars, and Reeves has settled in at 54/54 for now. I think he'll come up some more too. I saved before ending the season ;- )
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