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Wink Deschanel was scheduled to fight Tyrone Malik at ECW 10, but suffers a minor elbow injury. He is out and journeyman Samuel Russo will step in to fight Malik in his place. We also announce the main event for ECW 11 in June, as a Welterweight Champion will be crowned as Callum Henson takes on Feliz Matterson Jr, the top two ranked fighters available, with Gus Fitzpatrick earning a shot at the winner.

We sign former pro boxer Dennis Borgomeo to fight in our Light Heavyweight division for $1,450 per fight. He will make his MMA debut for us, most likely at the July show.

Sylvester Collins has left Halversonís team, most likely over his loss to Hoynes for the HW belt and is said to be looking for a new team with strong standup trainers.

Gamma comes after Rupert Dreck again and we canít afford to lose him, so I offer the unheard of sum for us of $6000 per fight for 6 fights. He ends up resigning with us, but the final cost is $7000 per fight, yikes!

Our Sportube agreement expires in 2 months and with a TV contract in place, we will be pulling their rights to show our content for free.

Evan Pizzarro leaves the Pittsburgh Steel camp, apparently not wanting to train any longer with Gus Fitzpatrick after the latter defeated him.

Stymied in their bid for Dreck, Gamma now pursues Brody Howles, who is set to be Dreckís next challenger, we are forced to ante up, raising to $4,500 a fight after Gamma counters. We must now sweat it out.

Finances as of May 1st, coming off a monster first month on TV and the complete card for ECW 10: Mayhem.

ECW 10: MayhemSaturday, May 25, 2002
Main Event
Isaiah 'Thump' Monroe 11-0 © vs 'The Tap Out Artist' Billy Russell 7-0 ECW Middleweight Title
Zeke Eliot 7-0 vs Joe Hinchcliffe 26-14 (WW)Wyatt Ashur 9-5 vs Brock Youdale 8-2 (WW)
Hunter Scribbins 7-0 vs Bradley Dixon 20-13 (MW)Tyrone Malik 5-1 vs Samuel Russo 18-13 (LH)
Plus 3 exciting preliminary bouts featuring
Douglas Acid vs Harvey Loeb, MacGregor Dare vs Brett Krakowski, Ryan Beeker vs Linton Berry
Business Ledger- May 1st, 2002
Financial SummaryExpenses
Balance: $424,179Tax: $9,666
Monthly profit/loss: $86,301Fighters: $47,934
IncomeContracts: $2,600
Gate: $56,320Drug Tests: $16,800
Sponsorship: $10,880Production: $16,465
PPV: $0Marketing: $32,861
Ads \ Subscriptions: $143,400Admin: $1,204
Merchandise: $3,147TV: $0
Coporate: $0Coporate: $0
Misc: $840Misc: $756
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