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Summer League County Championships

The county meet is always a fun one, and the one that got the family started down the path of being year-round swimmers. The CRC team, has done well the past couple of years including a most improved 3 years ago and back to back fourth place finishes (in case you are wondering there are about 20 teams in the county). The team has been trying hard to earn a team trophy by getting into the top 3, and last year we came up about 20 points short. This year, the county meet has been rolled under a different organization and the scoring has changed significantly so I don’t have a feel for how the team will ultimately do. Moreover, SwimAtlanta like Gold has a year-round meet this weekend as well, and their meet is in Auburn, because of this CRCs two best swimmers won’t be participating at county. Due to the lack of older swimmers, and the absence of CRCs two best, if the event was scored like it had been in past, CRC would be hard pressed to hang on to fourth.

The big goal individually at the county meet is to earn a medal (top 3 places, not counting anyone exhibitioning the event) and to earn a spot on the County’s State Team (top 3 finishers that have agreed to swim at the State Meet), which is like a County All-Star team.

I’ll detail my kids chances below…
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