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YSSC Thanksgiving Invitational - General Update

Unfortunately, this update has nothing to do with swimming but rather the joys of traveling and hotels. On Tuesday night we received a call letting us know that the hotel the reserved our rooms with (the team hotel) is overbooked and they have relocated us to another hotel in the area. This is extremely infuriating for a ton of reasons...

1. We booked the hotel on Sept 6th and they failed to let us know about the overbooking until 3 days before we were supposed to be there, leaving us no time to find an alternative hotel.

2. We booked a 2 room suite for the 5 of us, and we've been placed in a regular room at the other hotel and it only saves us $10/night

3. We were told that they determined who needed to be moved based on date the reservations were made. Meaning that the "team rate" rooms were filled up before our booking on Sept 6th...however we've talked to 2 team members who are getting the team rate and booked a couple of days after we did.

4. The only response we are getting from the hotel is "Sorry, we overbooked" concessions of any kind...

This is going to place us in a different hotel away from the kids friends, we are going to be much more crowded and based on the hotel ratings we are going from a 4+ start to a hotel just barely over 3...
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