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YSSC Thanksgiving Invitational – Results


200 IM – 2:48.53 – Much better turns and her breaststroke was improved as well, leading to a big improvement 2:42.17.

500 Free – Bailey’s seed time coming in was a 6:47.13…I knew she had a time, just wasn’t sure what it was. Her increased endurance paid off here in a big way with a time of 6:21.40. That is a personal best, she is still behind her brothers here, but at least she is now in the same ballpark.

400 IM – DNP – no spot available as expected

200 Free Relay – Bailey was moved up to the B Free…her team finished fifth, but there was a timing error in her lane, so not sure about her split.

200 Breast – NT – Getting some better…it is a long haul yet…3:20.06

50 Fly – 33.18 – dropped about a quarter of a second 32.99, still needs to cut about half a second to get her cut.

100 Free – 1:07.57 –…had a solid swim in the 100 Free 1:07.83. Consistent, but I’m betting we see a drop here the next time she swims it.

200 Free – 2:31.12 – wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, had a bad headache…so didn’t swim

200 Medley Relay – Got into the B Medley swimming the fly. Was still dealing with a sick headache, but didn’t want to let the team down…so she swam it, and did an awesome job! I was thoroughly impressed. Her backstroker and breaststroker both swam poorly in the relay. The B team was trailing everyone around her, including the C team from Gold 2 lanes over. But by the time Bailey was finished with her leg, they had passed all 3 lanes on her end of the pool. It was a very strong swim, especially, with her not feeling well…

50 Back – 35.20 – still dealing with a bad headache, managed a 35.47

100 Fly – 1:14.84 – Had a long break after the 50 back and her headache was gone by the time this event started. She was hoping to get a state cut, and she started strong. Turns were better, until the last one, and she managed a personal best 1:12.63, which is not only a state cut, but is 1.5 seconds under the needed time.
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