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We are given a sheet to record our practice throughout the week. We are also given a CD to take home. One of the tracks on the CD is a guided body scan of about 25 minutes, similar to what the instructor talked us through today. We have three tasks. We are asked to complete each task "at least 6 out of the next 7 days." For each task and each day, we are asked to write briefly about our experience. If we skipped a task, perhaps write about why, that's important too.

Two of the tasks are to repeat what we've learned today:

Mindful Eating - Notice one bite of one meal, at least once this week and preferably once a day, in the same way that you brought your attention to the almond (the sheet says raisin, the sheet is wrong).

Body Scan - Practice the body scan, following the recording or on your own at least six times before the next class. Don't expect to feel anything in particular or to receive a benefit. You may give up all expectations about it. Let your experience be whatever it is, without evaluation, if possible. Simply keep doing it, and we'll talk about it in class.

The third task:

Routine Activity - Choose one routine activity in your daily life and make an intentional effort to bring moment to moment awareness to it each time you do it, just as we did in class when eating the raisin. Possible activities include getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, bathing, dressing, picking up the phone, giving affection to a significant other or pet, etc.

Before the third task we broke off into pairs to discuss possibilities for what we might want to choose. I got paired with the guy to my left. He isn't a talker either. Or at least, not in the face of someone like me! Ok, I'm mostly kidding there, this was a normal guy chat. We both knew what we wanted to do, said a couple words about it to fulfill the requirements, and were mostly done. Other people talked for awhile and just talked in general.

My routine activity

I am going for a position of comfort here. Every night when I first get into bed, my cat jumps into bed and curls up in the crook of my left arm and purrs and wants all kinds of attention. I have a pretty detailed "process" for falling asleep, this is another physical therapy thing, so usually at this time I'm working through some nighttime process and analyzing how I feel. I've probably got my laptop out and am browsing reddit, or catching up on the League of Legends Korean league.

For this week, I'm not going to pull out the laptop, not going to begin that nighttime routine, until I've spent 5-10 minutes giving Dean (cat's name) my undivided attention.

WHEW. Ok, I'll write a brief bit on homework each day.

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