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A couple specific points I thought about while writing this:

-- I continue to really like the instructor. I feel comfortable listening to him. I like the things he says. He is realistic. He is not preaching mindfulness as a way to fix everything in your life. He is not talking about major transformations. Today he said something about how he will almost never tell anyone that something they are doing is wrong, or tell someone not to do something. He has a firm sense of "every thought is ok". That comes up a lot when he asks people what they want to share. Its a little weird to me, normally when I hear someone say "there are no wrong answers", I am reminded of Animal Farm: "All animals [answers] are equal, but some are more equal than others". But here, I believe him.

-- I'm trying to apply a specific perspective on everything I write here, at least starting with this first class on. I'm trying very hard to only write about what I thought, or felt, at the time things were happening. If I can help it, I don't want to apply any sort of "post event analysis".

-- Similar to that, you may notice that there is no analysis at all outside of what I felt at the time in class, of anything that happened. Or at least, there shouldn't be. It is very, very weird to me to look at this homework and not have a list of "goals" for it. Or to look at my experiences in the class without immediately documenting how I want them to change or improve in the future. Perhaps its a credit to the instructor, but at the moment, I am honestly not thinking about any of that, or how all this ties together in the end, but instead am going all in on just doing the things and seeing where it takes me.

-- Lastly, this was LONG. This took forever to write up, but I honestly don't see anything to cut. The instructor mentioned that the first class was a bit different, that it would be way more of just him talking. After this first class, there will be a lot more sharing from the group. So I think as things go along the writeup will naturally get a bit shorter.

Anyway, point being, let me know if this is readable, or if this is just too much to digest. Suggestions, questions, comments all welcome. If there were things I glossed over that interest you, feel free to ask. Nothing is off limits here, I just have the feeling that some shit most people probably don't want to hear about. But I have no trouble going into full gory detail about almost any of this, including anything from physical therapy or even most of the "work in progress" stuff with my psychologist that, along with physical therapy, has led me here. Ask away, worst case you hit a rare spot I'm not comfortable answering.

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