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Similar to the last research survey that I did, I'll note questions that elicit a reaction from me of some sort.

Week 1 Survey

We are asked to spend 10-15 minutes doing a mindful body scan or mindful breathing before taking the survey. Lucky for me I just did that.

The first page is about how you feel about the experience:

I experienced myself as separate from my changing thoughts and feelings - Not at all (1/5). Not today at least. I have felt something similar to this, sometimes, like I'm "watching" what's happening, sort of? But only when I was really relaxed/calm. I was not today.

I was more concerned with being open to my experiences than controlling or changing them - Quite a bit (4/5). I feel that, even when I'm agitated by what is rattling around in my head, during this practice I can fairly easily adopt a mindset to just see what happens, and not try to force something specific to happen.

I was curious to see what my mind was up to from moment to moment - Moderately (3/5). This is a bit more abstract than the idea of just "watching my thoughts". At least for today, I had expectations of where my mind was going to be going, so there wasn't much "curiosity" about it.

I was receptive to observing unpleasant thoughts and feelings without interfering with them - A Little (2/5) - I am "capable" of observing unpleasant thoughts during this process without interfering. I'm not "receptive". I don't want it to be happening. I don't like it.

I remained curious about the nature of each experience as it arose - Not at all (0/5) - I am not entirely sure what this is even asking.

I was curious about my reaction to things - Moderately (3/5) - I am rarely surprised by my reactions to things. My mind races in normal situations so I feel like I'm unlikely to run across something surprising, so I'm observing, but I maybe lack some "curiosity?" I am more curious about what thoughts may pop up at a given moment.

The next section is on my general views of how I handle things, being hard on myself, how i view things i'm bad at/fail at, etc. Similar questions to the pre-class survey so no need to go into detail.

There is a section on learning from negative experiences. I answer in the extreme positive on thinking I can learn something from "recent negative events/experiences", and that I can find the positive sides of a negative experience. I can, usually looking for what I can do better the next time.

There is a final section on how I've felt during the last week that i go through, and that's that.
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