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Steve Victory JOURNAL Post-season 2021

Alabama’s post-season performance does little to dispel the notion that Steve Victory’s truly a mediocre coach at the big-time college level (even though he has an NCT title to his credit). The Crimson Tide, seeded fourth in the SEC tournament, wins its opener over #5 Arkansas 70-61 but then falls in the semifinals to #1 Mississippi State 84-72.

Actually, that’s right were ‘Bama should have lost according to the seedings, but Victory knows his team was capable of beating the Bulldogs and advancing back to the SEC title game. Something just seems to be missing these days. The players have lost their edge – they seemed satisfied at just getting 20 wins. It’s not injuries – everyone’s back in the lineup. It’s chemistry and heart.

Of course the recent national championship at ‘Bama has only fueled fans’ (and sports columnists’) desire for more titles rather than satiate it. The bar has been raised since 2019 and Victory has yet to clear the next height, much to his chagrin.

Auburn goes on to upset Mississippi State in the SEC championship game, something else that adds fuel to the fires in Tuscaloosa. Mississippi State still gets a #1 seed for the NCT.

Alabama’s name gets called as expected on Selection Sunday, going as a #6 seed in the East. The opponent: a school Victory has barely heard of – Sacred Heart. Victory will get to know the Pioneers out of the NEC all too well in the days to come…
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