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posted by yanksare

Outside a large Victorian style house in Raleigh, NC

"Victory. Victory. Victory. It's time Victory. It's time. No longer will they cheer you. No longer Victory. I can't take it anymore Victory. It should have been me Victory. I was supposed to be the one. Not you. Me. I was going to win the NCT. I was going to coach. Not you. Me."

A car door opens and slams shut. An obviously inebriated man stumbles towards the house.

"Victory." KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. "Victory, get your a** out here. It's over Stevie. It's all over. Get out here now or I'm coming in. Where are you? I'm waiting Stevie."

The front door of the Victorian style house opens slowly and a middle aged obviously just awakened man steps forward...

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