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EDIT: Forgot to include one key segment. Inserting here:

Steve Victory JOURNAL – End of Regular Season 2025-26

Of course, the Dookies end State’s streak when the teams collide again in Durham. The Cameron Crazies get their own party started on this night (Jan. 31) as the Devils prevail 69-58. State players may have been a little too confident, and of course Duke had a lot to prove after getting killed in the first meeting.

Still, the pollsters like the Wolfpack, and NCSU stays on top of the rankings with Utah and Duke coming in at #2 and #3. Weird.

The loss to the Blue Devils is the last one of the regular season for State. Victory’s crew goes on to beat Maryland, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, North Carolina and UNC-Asheville to lock up another regular season ACC title.

The final tally on the regular season: 30-2, 15-1 in the conference, #1 ranking. Duke isn’t that far behind at 29-3, 14-2 in the league. Georgia Tech and Wake Forest both finish way back at 8-8.

Surprisingly, State gets no end-of-season awards. Not even freshman PG Roy Wrenn, who played so well when Baker went down. Sad. 

Over in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is struggling to break .500 again. Barkley’s boys do manage to squeak out a 16-13 regular season record, though only 5-11 in the SEC. Another year without an NCT berth certainly won’t help his relationship with the Crimson Tide fans. The Tide needs to win the SEC tourney…

Steve Victory JOURNAL – ACC Tournament 2026

All week leading up to the ACC tournament, sports reporters and columnists have hyped up the State-Duke rubber match. Both schools will likely get #1 seeds for the NCT no matter what, but who will get the ACC trophy and bragging rights to go with it?

Unfortunately for Victory, Duke is the last team standing on Sunday afternoon. State actually never made it past Friday. Virginia, the #9 seed, upset the Pack 74-70 in the ACC quarterfinals. Talk about embarrassing!!

At least UVa wasn’t one-and-done. The Cavs made it all the way to Sunday before falling to the Devils in the championship game (by quite a lot)… No ACC title for Victory and the Pack, but at least they’ll have a few extra days to rest for the all-important NCT tournament.

Anything less than the Final Four – and maybe even a national championship – is strictly underachieving with this bunch. But how well will they respond after the early bounce in Greensboro?

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