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Figure out how to make a database

So good news i figured out how to get sqlite integrated into my C++ and I got it to pull data into my match engine. Also I figured out how to code in sqlite. This is great news since it seems like most of my game will be me working within this database however I decided to use it.

I'm thinking that now is a good time to see if I can put together a dummy league nothing too special but enough that I can put this season mode together. So the first steps are I'm going to make a 4 team league and work from there.

So the teams I chose for this trial will be the

Cleveland Caveliers
Boston Celtics
Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets

These four teams will just be my basis on how I go about making sure that I can handle just getting the basics out of the way for my simulation. These post entries are probably gonna increase more due to the fact that I have my baseline for my game going now.
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